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    Corrosion Wizard

    The Corrosion Wizard is computer software, offering corrosion resistance data to predict the corrosion performance of a metal or even its suitability in specific chemical media, taking into account temperature and concentration. This software will help you to:

    • optimise metal selection
    • avoid and combat corrosion
    • limit chemical attack on a metal
    • achieve trouble-free service
    • find answers to specific questions

    You can find the following metals in the Corrosion Wizard:

    • stainless steels; subdivided into ferritic chromium steels,
    • austenitic stainless steels, duplex and super duplex stainless
    • steels and high performance stainless steels
    • nickel and nickel alloys
    • titanium and titanium-Pd
    • copper and copper alloys such as brass, bronze, copper/nickel and aluminium bronze carbon steel